Mitra Genie Kratom Review


Mitra Genie is a kratom vendor which is prominent in Europe as it is catering people there with its kratom products. Their kratom products always touch the high level of quality with their check an balance through different processes and techniques.

With the legality issues of kratom, this vendor brings a positive impact on kratom in people’s mind if you once try it.

The quality is ensured in association with the kratom farmers and their invigilation from time to time that means they strictly follow the security and health measures.

Their fast and promising delivery service is exceptional which only takes 2 to 4 days for the order to reach its destination without any delay. In case of any issue, there can be a slight delay which is pretty normal but the highest factor is this vendor takes the responsibility of any issue from their side and resolve that in less period of time.

One of the best parts is their feature of money-back guarantee within one month in case of any fault with the product, they accept it as their own side issue.

This vendor is not like others in terms of the product prices it is offering. Their prices are exceptionally reasonable.

Like others, their packaging is not substandard and they have hired a professional team for this perspective.

The most astonishing feature which doubts a customer about the professionalism of the vendor is the user’s data privacy which this vendor handles very well.

What does this vendor offer to its customers?

Mitra Genie kratom has a vast storage of products from which the user can select their preferred one. Most prominently, this vendor is importing Indonesian strain but also some other strains like Bali, Thai, and some others.

They provide kratom products in multiple forms such as capsules, powders, starter packs, and wholesale packs. This vendor provides kratom powder in fine quality which is acquired from the dried leaves of kratom under safe processes.

Different varieties of capsules are for users in different strains of kratom. Capsules are easy to consume because with it you don’t need to worry about measuring dosages.

This vendor also offers starter packs for their new customers to try out their different varieties. If you find out any suitable strain for you in the starter pack, you can then order it again in more quantity.

They also have the feature of wholesale on their website that is a very wise and innovative step. You can purchase wholesale bundles at economic rates and a good idea to save your money.

What is the price of Mita Genie Kratom Products?

Their capsules are being sold at very economic prices, easily affordable. Their 500 mg capsules are available at the price ranges from euro 15.49 to euro 111.49. However, the prices vary on the sizes of your order.

Their kratom powder is in the value bags of the sizes 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g respectively. The starting price of the kratom powder is 15.49 euros and the maximum price is 83.49 euros.