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KWIK Botanicals Review

KWIK Botanicals is the most famous kratom vendor for many people in the kratom community. This vendor was initially known as KWIK Kratom when founded in 2014 and later on in 2016, the vendor changed the name as KWIK Botanicals and from that time the vendor has provided customers with their best quality.

If we talk about quality, it is very difficult to find a product with quality in kratom market nowadays. Most vendors claim to provide quality products but they either sell fake or low standard products.

Some people have transformed their products in the form of kratom while some have included some international materials in their products to maximize the amount of the product.

We will thoroughly inform you about KWIK Botanicals and its importance in terms of kratom products.

Which Products are available at KWIK Botanicals?

KWIK Botanicals have presented the best first version of their products in the market similar to what they actually sell. This vendor is interested in serving bulks of products to either individual, retail customers, or for business.

In this point, we will stick to the products which this vendor sells. Here are some of the popular products of them:\

  • KWIK Botanicals White Maeng Da
  • KWIK Botanicals Maeng Da Red Kratom
  • KWIK Botanicals Bali Red Vein Kratom
  • KWIK Botanicals Maeng Da Green

What are the prices of KWIK Botanicals Products?

The prices of the products depend on which quality and what amount of product you are ordering. Here is a rough sketch of the costs for their products:

  • For Dragon Green Kratom, the price of the product starts from $7.99 to $24.99 and this range depends on the quantity of your product.
  • The price of Commercial Grade Green tea ranges between $7.99 to $87.99 which also relies on the quantity of the order.
  • The Indo Tree Sumatra Black available in bulks with the price ranges from $7.99 to $24.99 depends on the quantity.
  • The price of Lotus Stamen, which is dried and available in bulk is $7.99 to $24.99 which also based on the quantity.
  • The price of roughly cut Matcha dried leaf in bulk is available on the price ranges from $7.99 to $24.99.

Are the products offered at KWIK Botanicals lab tested?

Lab-tested products are some of the selective products which are chosen for laboratory tests to make sure that products match the standard defined. Quality is the major playback for the victory of kratom product which some vendors really focus and conduct lab tests. A laboratory test is conducted in cooperation with the international standard laboratories which are extremely reputed.

Currently, we are not confirmed about any update on the KWIK Botanicals conducting and selling laboratory tested products or not. If you want to know more then you can ask them online or seek for user reviews to learn more about what you need to know.

Care should be taken to make sure that you are not using the products which affect the health of a person. Maybe in the coming years, KWIK Botanicals will give information on their lab testing on products.

Mitra Genie Kratom Review


Mitra Genie is a kratom vendor which is prominent in Europe as it is catering people there with its kratom products. Their kratom products always touch the high level of quality with their check an balance through different processes and techniques.

With the legality issues of kratom, this vendor brings a positive impact on kratom in people’s mind if you once try it.

The quality is ensured in association with the kratom farmers and their invigilation from time to time that means they strictly follow the security and health measures.

Their fast and promising delivery service is exceptional which only takes 2 to 4 days for the order to reach its destination without any delay. In case of any issue, there can be a slight delay which is pretty normal but the highest factor is this vendor takes the responsibility of any issue from their side and resolve that in less period of time.

One of the best parts is their feature of money-back guarantee within one month in case of any fault with the product, they accept it as their own side issue.

This vendor is not like others in terms of the product prices it is offering. Their prices are exceptionally reasonable.

Like others, their packaging is not substandard and they have hired a professional team for this perspective.

The most astonishing feature which doubts a customer about the professionalism of the vendor is the user’s data privacy which this vendor handles very well.

What does this vendor offer to its customers?

Mitra Genie kratom has a vast storage of products from which the user can select their preferred one. Most prominently, this vendor is importing Indonesian strain but also some other strains like Bali, Thai, and some others.

They provide kratom products in multiple forms such as capsules, powders, starter packs, and wholesale packs. This vendor provides kratom powder in fine quality which is acquired from the dried leaves of kratom under safe processes.

Different varieties of capsules are for users in different strains of kratom. Capsules are easy to consume because with it you don’t need to worry about measuring dosages.

This vendor also offers starter packs for their new customers to try out their different varieties. If you find out any suitable strain for you in the starter pack, you can then order it again in more quantity.

They also have the feature of wholesale on their website that is a very wise and innovative step. You can purchase wholesale bundles at economic rates and a good idea to save your money.

What is the price of Mita Genie Kratom Products?

Their capsules are being sold at very economic prices, easily affordable. Their 500 mg capsules are available at the price ranges from euro 15.49 to euro 111.49. However, the prices vary on the sizes of your order.

Their kratom powder is in the value bags of the sizes 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g respectively. The starting price of the kratom powder is 15.49 euros and the maximum price is 83.49 euros.


Is Kratom legal in Georgia?

The legal status of Kratom is different in different countries. In some states, it is officially banned, and you cannot purchase it easily and freely. In other states, it is approved by the FDA, and you can buy as well as use it without any fear. The reason behind the restriction on Kratom is the deaths reported after using it. But according to the researches and studies, Kratom is not responsible for any death in the past. The deaths occur after taking Kratom are due to using it with other harmful drugs like alcohol etc. There is not sufficient research available. This is why the FDA, as well as the government, has banned this drug for safety measurements. In this state, many emergency rooms were filled with the patients of Kratom abused. Firstly, it was believed that all this severe condition is due to the use of Kratom, but later researches proved Kratom as a safe and secure drug.

The legal status of Kratom in Georgia:

Georgia is a state of the United States. The residents of Georgia are lucky enough to use Kratom without any fear. Kratom has been declared as a legal drug in Georgia. In February 2018, Kratom was taken out from the list of banned drugs. It merely proves that the lovers of Kratom living in Georgia can use it freely.

After knowing the unexcelled and unparalleled effects of Kratom, the government declared it as a licit herb. Several types of research and studies were being done before declaring Kratom as a legal plant in Georgia. These researches and studies helped the government of Georgia to change the legal status of Kratom.

The supporters of Georgia were making efforts to legalize it. This is because a lot of residents of the US were dependent on Kratom to live a healthy and happy life. Tree bills were passed when Kratom was affirmed as a legal medicine. Many experiments were done to confirm the safe use of Kratom. After doing tests, it was confirmed that Kratom is a safe drug with nearly no side effects. All the researches, studies and experiments legalize Kratom in Georgia.

As Kratom is now a licit herb in Georgia, you can far easily purchase it from any local smoke store. You can also get Kratom from any online shop. Before buying Kratom, make sure that it is of high quality. Some vendors are selling low-quality Kratom at high rates. This low-quality Kratom spoils the name of it in the market. It is why to be aware of the sellers and don’t let anyone makes you fool.


The residents of Georgia are lucky enough as their government has confirmed the use of Kratom. This step of government heartens the use of Kratom. The credit for legalizing Kratom goes to the real supporters and lovers of Kratom living in Georgia. They have struggled very hard to give this drug as a legal as well as reputed status in the country.

Best Kratom strains for euphoria

It has been vividly observed that the use of Kratom has become very notable in the present era. Kratom is well-known around the earth. The reason for its popularity is the benefits we are getting from it. This new drug is famed because it helps us to enhance our mood, energy, and level of tolerance. In the present century, as we are approaching a well established and modern world, the main drawbacks we are facing are depression and anxiety. Both of them have taken away the peace of mind of many people. Kratom has also solved this issue because kratom is the only drug which helps to get rid of depression and anxiety and enjoy the feelings of Euphoria. User can feel the sensation of euphoria just within a few minutes after using it. But one thing that is needed to be cleared is that if a user wants to enjoy the feelings of euphoria than the quantity of Kratom should be taken in by a low dose. High dose of it may lead to opposite effects.

Let us first discuss what is Euphoria? Euphoria is basically the feeling of well-being and happiness. Some people desire to use Kratom just to get the feeling of being joyous.

 Strains of Kratom and Euphoria:

Almost all the strains of Kratom are equally benefited to get the feeling of being beatific.  But the below-mentioned strains are popular among them:

  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • White Borneo Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Indo Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom:

The strains of Maeng Da Kratom are considered as the strongest strains. They are best in enhancing the spoiled mood. They start giving the effects right after their use and their effects last for a few hours. They are well-known to enjoy your day with full of happiness and excitement.

Green Malay Kratom:

This strain is strong and has a high collision. It starts affecting within an hour but the best thing is that it stays for a long time. The effects of this strain are long-lasting and it gives the feelings of euphoria for a very long time. Along with it, it helps to relax our mind and stay at peace. It enhances the energy and confidence level.

White Borneo Kratom:

This strain is also very notable to enjoy the feelings of euphoria. If it is taken in the right quantity, the user feels blessed with the feelings of being happy and relaxed.

Bali Kratom:

This strain of Kratom is popular because it makes a person more social. It boosts up the energy and lifts up the mood. It is well known for its euphoric effects. It is very easily available.

Indo Kratom:

This strain of Kratom is vacillating. There are two different views about the users of this strain. Some claims that they get feelings of euphoria. Others say that all they get after consuming is anxiety.

Dosage to produce euphoria:

  • Small dosage to get enough euphoria ( 2 – 3 grams)
  • Medium dosage to get more euphoria (4 – 6 grams)
  • The high dose which gives a little euphoria and more anxiety (7 – 10 grams)


Kratom is best to get rid of anxiety and depression. Feelings of euphoria are the best gift of Kratom.

What are the Best Effects Using Green Bali Kratom?

Nowadays, many people across the globe are getting amazed by the use of Kratom and its different strains available in the market. People are using Kratom strains for the natural treatment of health issues like:

  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Sleeping disorders

However, there are different chemical medications available in the market for the treatment of such health issues, but they don’t have the capability to give effective results like Kratom strains. The most popular Kratom strain which is getting a lot of popularity among the people around the world for the treatment of such health issues is none other than Green Bali Kratom.

This Kratom strain is known among the people for its effective and moderate sedating capability to treat such health issues in an effortless manner. This Kratom strain is available in capsule, powder and extract form in the market. No matter which form you use of this Kratom strain you will get the best results from it for sure.

If you like to know about the best effects which you can get by the use of Green Bali Kratom, you definitely are in the right place. Here, I am going to tell you about the best effects which you can get by the consumption of this Kratom Blogger strain.

Boost Energy Level

If you are a person who needs to work for hours and needs to boost its energy level in order to perform the duty in an active manner, Green Bali Kratom is certainly the best available option for you. In order to get its best effects, you need to consume this Kratom strain by using the toss and wash method. However, you can also consume this Kratom strain by mixing it in any juice or herbal tea, but it will take time to give you the effects as compared to the toss and wash method.

Pain Relief

In case you are a person like me who is suffering from excruciating chronic pain or any other kind of body pain from which you need to get relief in a short span of time, this Kratom strain certainly is the perfect option for you. I personally have been using this Kratom week strain for the natural treatment of my chronic pain and I am pretty satisfied with its effective results.

Boost Relaxation Level

If you are a person who belongs to the labor industry or you are working in a sector in which you have to work continuously for a long duration and looking for some natural medication that can boost your relaxation level, Green Bali Kratom is surely the ideal option for you. Its high sedating effect has the capability to boost your relaxation level by relaxing your body muscles, which in result make you take rest for a long time period.

Final Thoughts

I would like to conclude this discussion about the best effects of Green Bali Kratom by saying that you surely can get the above-mentioned effects only if you take this Kratom strain at a low dosage. If you need to take a high dosage, you can certainly consult it with your doctor/physician in this regard.

Some Of The Top Vendors Where One Can Buy Kratom

Despite the fact that Kratom has become a very famous product in the market because of some of the so many benefits that it possesses, it might be difficult for one to find the genuine and Best Kratom Vendors. Finding the right vendor who will guarantee that you get the best value for your money is not a child’s play and a lot of effort has to go into more research done by BKO and study of some of the vendor that sells the product online.

There are so many vendors who sell Kratom products online and it would be wise for new users to get an okay from someone who has experience in this process or take your time and sample some of the many vendors available online until you find one that will fit your requirement.

Here is a number of some of the vendors that have already been vetted and are known to sell the right product online and they should come in handy when one is looking for a quick fix of this problem

  1. Coastline Kratom

They are considered as one of the top best Kratom vendors in the market and one should be more than happy to but Kratom products from them. they are known for providing top-notch products not only on the Kratom powders but also on the live plants.

Their attention to detail plus exceptional customer care services make is what differentiates them from many other vendors in the market.

  1. PurKratom

By now you must have realized that most of the kratom products are not available in the states but come from overseas. That is why this vendor is the most ideal because they are based in the united states and would make purchasing from them much more comfortable than vendors from Asia. They have a very good reputation for selling some of the best powder as well as capsules with a very huge range.


Many new users find it very hard to trust some of the vendors that sell Kratom products online which is not the case with and this has been proven by most of the customer who has had experience with them.

They are so professionals and the minute you get to their website you will definitely realize that they are the real deal. Starting from how they present their products to their contact choices that is very user-friendly.


These three as just a few of the many vendors that one can buy Kratom products online. What is so clear is that one should be extra careful when dealing with some of the vendors especially if you are a first time user of the product.


Important points to consider when buying Kratom Online

Online shopping has become a viral trend these days. People prefer to buy online for many reasons. Patients also prefer to purchase medications online to avoid the need to go out and take advantage of several offers and discounts on online drugs. However, when buying drugs like Kratom Hq online, you need to be cautious since scammers are eagerly waiting to scum the naive buyers.

Important points to consider when buying Kratom Online

There are many online websites where you can find Kratom, but you should keep in mind the basics to avoid any unwanted problems. There are many things you should keep in mind when buying Kratom online. Some of them are discussed below.

Do a thorough search.

If you do not have a prospect name or website, you must use the search engines to search for a site about Kratom. When you search for the term “All kratom for sale” you will get many results. When you click on a result, you will be redirected to the merchant’s site. Now you can look for the Kratom on the page. Even if you find the desired product on the first website, you should still visit other websites for further investigation.

Compare product

You can compare the product on different websites. This will help you choose the best Kratom drugs. You can also compare the prices of the products on two different sites. With the Internet, you have many options, and it is easy to choose the best one by comparing the products.


In the general case, we are only talking about the authority of a website, but when you buy Kratom online, you must also verify the authority of the product. Verify the date of manufacture and the expiration date of the Kratom drug before buying it.

Ask questions

Ask as many questions as you can before placing the order. These questions may relate to the authority of Kratom or to find more information about the Kratom and its uses or the return or other policy. If you have questions or doubts about the product, do not hesitate to ask the merchant.

Read the purchase policy.

Before purchasing on an online website, you should read the purchase policy and terms of use of the website so that you can take appropriate action if you encounter a problem with the site, product or service of the merchant.

Check the methods of payment available.

Legit online drug sellers will give you a reliable method of payment. It is good that you consider the best and secure method of payment. If a Kratom seller does not have trusted payment methods, you should avoid it at all times. That will eliminate scammers who want to track your online payments.


Now you have the top things to consider before you buy Kratom online. Use them in your next purchase and the end you’ll enjoy the best service you will receive. Online shopping requires that you be sharp minded when it comes to ordering, payment, and shipping. On shipping, ensure that you give the correct address. Good luck!