Beat The Heat And Stay Beautiful

Now summer is here, the sun is out and you have a long day to spend. You want to hang out with friends and family, participate in sport events or planning to have picnic on beach. Summer brings ample barriers such as blazing sun, humidity and heat to keep you from looking good.

It’s the high time to squeeze your natural looks and beauty. You can look cute and cool with any effort all you need to know how to grip your inner glow and test out new trends.

Summer is all about having fun and lightening your beauty routine. Soaking up the sun is fine, but you need to take care of your skin.

Summer Beauty:

Breeze through the season with beauty expert’s tricks for the makeup, skin, and hair.

Wear Sunscreen:

Apply good sunscreen on your body to avoid the tanning band beds and lobster-skin. Sun burns are not healthy and flattering for your skin.

Add Shimmer:

Try some glimmer on your open arms and when you are wearing short skirts. Add sparkle to your face with little glossy products. Keep your skin moisturized with the use of good moisturizers.

 Hydrating Balm For Juicy Lips:

Choose bright and sheer glosses look. In hot season air-conditioning have a tendency to dry out your lips, so apply hydrating balm to make your lips moist. First you can apply a long-wearing lip pencil on your pout to get long lasting effects and staying power.

Try Ocean:

Blue eye makeup is really a good idea in this summer. Caribbean Sea shades give a summery glance so give them a try. You can also put waterproof Kajal or waterproof long lasting eyeliner and smudge into lashes to get a watercolor effect.

Pump Up Your Lashes:

Go for long-lasting waterproof versions of mascara to get away with the bare least makeup.
You can put dust translucent powder under lower lashes to get extra smudge protection.

Give Your Hair Shine:

You should take extra care of your hair especially in summer because sun heat, wind and chlorine are not beauty friendly. Apply moisture for glossy look.

Beach Waves For Hair:

Enjoy curly hair styles and take pleasure with wavy look. Apply hydrators, oil and moisturizers to keep your hair fluffy and feathery.

Beauty Coupons:

Explore new weekend-bag must on the prices you love. Redeem Nordstrom coupons to get the products that can do wonders for your skin.

Best Online Deals:

Discover the world of opportunities and get the best for you. Grab a hold on great online deals on your favorite products and save big. Enjoy summer with cracking deals on beauty essentials and walk in style.

Keep Your Face Fresh:

Search out the best wash for your face. Apply cleanser to get a slick-shiny wash. You can apply matte products to nose, chin and forehead.

Dress Selection:

Because it’s summer, it’s time to reset your wardrobe. Select light fabrics in bright colors for a comfortable and cool feeling in hot day.

For a sun-kissed and natural look allow your makeup and attire to highlight your natural beauty and looks.